Simple Valentine’s Day Decorating

Good Morning, everyone! It’s Kendall!

How are you? How has your week been?

Did you hear from Punxsutawney Phil, and the 6 more weeks of winter??? I guess it hasn’t been a terrible winter. But most people I interact with in my area are in consensus: WE WANT ONE SNOW DAY! Nothing big, just some southern snow that is gone by mid-day.

So, its about a week and a half left till Valentine’s Day. We decorated a bit, and I can’t decide if the decorating is too early or too late. Is Valentine’s Day a decorating worthy holiday?! Someone help me decide.

Any who, we did some simple decorating and here’s what happened.

Here we added just a touch of valentines. A pop of red and pink on the chair, mantle, and coffee table.

On our media cabinet, we replaced the winter candle with a string of wooden beads and a few hearts. This metal framed house we found at Target last season and the beads are from Decor Steals. We always like to go simple, BUT if you wanted to add to this little corner, you could with a candle or some flowers even!

This pink bowl I picked up from the left over pottery table after a class. We didn’t have a good use for it until now! Since there weren’t enough wooden hearts to fill the bowl, the bottom is filled with large potpourri fruit and then topped with the hearts and a string of wooden beads.

It is simple Valentine’s decorating but perhaps that is what will be good for this year.