Taking a Pause

When we go on vacation, I always find it amazing how tired we can be.  While we’re out of town, we are sleeping in late and hanging out in our PJ’s for half the day.  And when we return home, we ‘re still tired!  How is that?


Based on this past week, there are no words other then this pause was much needed.  When life gets going, don’t you find yourself just jumping on the Merry Go Round and hoping for the best? There is always some sort of school work, housework, meal or sport practice that is in constant need.  We are spinning and spinning just trying to keep a balance and stay on top of this craziness.


Taking care of yourself is important and we hear it all the time, but when do we have time? As I’ve said before, our kids are allowed 1 activity of their choice outside of school and church.  But even with that rule, things can still stay pretty fast paced.


It was Kendall’s Spring Break and she really wanted to head south.  “Anywhere warm, please, mom” were her words and we did just that!


We packed it up and it was fabulous.  Even though it was no where near warm enough for a dip in the pool or wading in the ocean, it was wonderful!  We had no agenda, nowhere to be, and everyone was loving the new short lived pace.  The kids brought games, we rented bikes and we spent time in the sand.  Smore’s was offered nightly and lemonade and cookies at 3pm daily.  Wow! What a treat! Taking a Pause and allowing someone else–a total stranger to manage these extracurricular activities is fabulous!


It’s the middle of March now and we are approaching the first day of Spring.  Take time and truly Pause and enjoy the beauty that is beginning to unfold outside.  Sometimes when you need to break the cycle, you can’t get away, but you can pause even if its for 15 minutes a day.


Here’s to your 15 minutes!