Repurposing Quaker Oats Containers


Hello Friends!

Before Kendall headed back to school, we worked on a quick little project.  The project started with two Quaker Oats oatmeal containers, scrapbook paper and ribbon.

The containers will give her storage for her pens and pencils at school.  Kendall has lots of pens, pencils and markers as well as paint brushes and paint.  Artist at work you might say.

First we selected our paper.  Trying to keep the two close to complimentary.  Then we measured and cut the paper to fit the container.

After the paper was cut, we put glue on the paper and rolled the container over the paper.  We used clear Elmers Glue this time and I don’t think it really made the project dry any better.


Once this dried, we added the ribbon and a chalk label.


To finish the project, we added paper to the lid.  Not only an easy project, but it met a need and repurposed a couple containers.

You can mix the lids and add a little personality to your new containers.  Look at all those writing tools.

Try this at home when you have a few extra minutes.  The hardest part for us was picking the paper!

Have a wonderful Day!