Ringing in 2019

Wow! As I sit by my fireplace and stare at the lights on my Christmas tree, I am just soaking in this moment.  Yes, this moment.


It may be January 10th and yes, I may still have all of my Christmas scattered about my house, but I did this for me.  Mr Chaos asked me on Monday when we would be taking the tree down.  My response to him “I’m not sure.”


Now, I know there are so many of you wondering why on earth would anyone still have a Christmas tree up.  Let me share with you a story.  It begins in November, perhaps even October, when all mom’s or wive’s begin planning, making lists, shopping and the snowball has started to form.  This snowball is not only in motion but its growing in size. It just can’t stop. You know what I’m talking about.  If you have children, friends, family; you know.  Days upon days are spent thinking of others.  You want everything to be perfect; even magical.  No disappointment.

ffxe1%tqquynp07%scri+wFun filled days. Lots of gifts to be purchased and wrapped.  Baking and baking.  It’s all happening all at once.  Until December 25th.  Christmas Day, when you look around at a house full of family and friends, opened gifts and lots of boxes and torn up paper, old stuff, new stuff, food piled high in the kitchen and dare I say it–laundry piled higher.  This was our Christmas this year. And I loved every minute of it.


But, I did not feel like I got to experience the peace and the beauty that this time of year should be about.  The reason that we celebrate this season.  This week I am doing that.  I’m turning the lights on the tree and sitting in my family room and soaking it all up.  I want to take time to reflect on this past year and look forward to a fresh New Year.  It’s busy at our house.


A whole lot of Lotta is happening.  Days where your feet hit the ground and you don’t stop until your head hits the pillow.  In between all the drop offs and pickups and grocery runs and schooling, I am praying and searching.

As I was soaking in one of my after Christmas days, I took a quiz and then made each of my kids and Mr Chaos take the same quiz.  The quiz helped you find your word for the year.  This is not new for us; our pastor, years ago, started this.  A word.  A simple word to help you through the year.  Have you ever picked a word for your year?

Looking forward to a New Year!