Share Some Cake; Get A Smile

fullsizeoutput_3e92When fall arrives so do all of my favorite fall recipes that have been locked up in the secret vault.  Just kidding.  Do you remember how Disney used to advertise this is your last opportunity to buy; after this date Cinderella will be locked in the vault FOREVER!  Except, that wasn’t really true, right? Nope, they came out on DVD.  Who knew?


Ok, so, let’s talk all things tasty in the fall.  You know what I mean; those amazing, tasty recipes that just make you want to stand up and say Thank You, Fall!! You have made my day! Today, I made a very simple Apple Cake.  Tasty- yes! Simple-yes! Healthy–hmmm. Well, it does have apples–just sayin’.


Just look at the chunks of apples! Love it! This was a special treat for my husband who has given me the opportunity to go spend a weekend with our daughter and another weekend with my parents.

So, as we continue our journey through this month of kindness, find a new friend or neighbor to invite over or to take cookies to or maybe share a slice of cake with a person who just needs someone to listen to them.

Give your time and you will receive a new friendship, meet new neighbors, or see someone light up knowing someone invested time into them.fullsizeoutput_3a5e

Have a wonderful week!  I look forward to hearing about your month of kindness and thankfulness!