The Season of Kindness and Grace

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It’s been years since I’ve sat down to read a book of my own choosing.  Can you relate?  As a homeschooling mom of four kids, my days have been directed by academic reading more so than any other.  Kendall told me I need to take time for myself, find something fun to do, read a book.  Well, I did just that.  I found a quick read by Debbie Macomber titled Twelve Days of Christmas.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Showing Kindness for 12 days to one person to see if she could make a difference.  Easy right? Hmm?


In today’s world, rushing to appointments, grocery shopping, picking up kids, we live our life in a whirlwind and don’t take the time to have a conversation or check on others. Our sermon today was Showing Respect to Others.  It just extended my heart felt desire I got from reading the book.  We need to show kindness, love one another, reach out and listen to those who need to be shown love and respect.


As we enter into November, a season of Thanksgiving. I am going to make an effort daily to find that someone who needs help, or needs to be heard, or needs to feel loved or shown grace.  How often do we move in a fast forward motion with blinders on not really looking beyond ourselves, because it just might make us react.  It brings me so much joy to bring a smile to someone’s face.  To see them light up because someone actually cared or chose to take a few minutes to listen.



Would you consider joining me on this journey?  Do it for a week, or a month or maybe for the rest of the year. Say Hello, hold a door, let someone go before you in line, leave a gift card for a random stranger.  The list goes on, but I would love to hear from you.  Share with us how you’ve shown kindness to another person.  Maybe, just maybe this will make a change within you as well,  Maybe, it will make a positive effect one person at a time.


Give the gift of Kindness!