In the words of my children, what happened to fall?

fullsizeoutput_3e78As the picture above states “Welcome Fall”!!! Finally, we are moving out of the summer temps into some much cooler weather.  The crisp air brings a change outside as well as inside our home.

Mr Chaos asked me this weekend where I was planning on putting the Christmas tree this year.  That question was answered with “Really?”  Is that even a question, friends? Is there even the smallest of possibilities that there would be no tree?  I mean really.  At the end he said let’s just do a table top tree.  Did you hear my laughter?

So, with that, I began a shift of furniture in the family room.


Do you see this big space I created?  That little chair is holding a spot for our tree. With the dogs helping me, I was able to give everything in the room a twist and a turn.  Sometimes, moving things around gives you a refresh.  That little bit of work can make you feel like you have new pieces in your room.


I also traded out end tables,  brought some back in and moved others to other rooms. Do you see that bright orange tray on the coffee table?  I found that gem at a furniture sale years ago.  I’m sure my mom thought I was crazy picking up a bright orange tray. Seriously, what do you do with that after the fall? You keep on using it!  The cute little pumpkin on the tray is also from years ago.  Some of my favorite pieces that make me smile when they come out of the bins are from this sale years ago.


We moved our china cabinet into the family room several months ago and it seems to be working out. The plan is to make it feel more like a bookcase than a china cabinet at some point.


Here’s an in progress picture.  Moving pieces in and out slowly as well as adding layers makes for a warm, inviting space.  Fall is here friends.  Winter is just around the corner.  Can’t you feel the chill in the air?


Have a wonderful day!