The Spirit of North Carolinians

IMG_4423We are so thankful for all the prayers and concern for our family and friends here in North Carolina.  I finally left our house yesterday after being home since Thursday.  We were very fortunate not to lose power and have only some basic outdoor cleanup to tend to. Leaves and limbs are scattered about and our county has several roads still closed.


Some were not so fortunate and have lost so much or perhaps all of their possessions and home.  We are a strong state. A state that truly has folks that will love one another and help with whatever is necessary.  It’s an amazing place to live!


Soon things will be back to normal.  The beaches will be ready to wade in and the mountains and trails will be ready for hiking, but until then please remember us here in North Carolina. As days get shorter, we don’t have as much time to clean up.  We are waiting for waters to recede and roads to be approved to reopen; some are waiting for power to be restored while others are waiting just to return to their homes.


At the end of the day though; we got this! North Carolina, you got this!  See you soon, our lovely beach!