The finished Chest

So yesterday was the day to finally finish my chest! And the results are amazing!!!

     BEFORE                          DURING                            AFTER

              And that is just the outside folks!

-To see how I refinished and also started this whole process check out my other post: Restoring A Chest

Now for the inside! Are you ready? Are you really ready? Because I was bouncing when I finished because it looked sooooo goood.

BEFORE                          DURING                          AFTER 

I am so exciting one it is finished and two that it turned out so great!

For the inside of the chest: I used wallpaper for the lid and the four walls and white fabric for the bottom. Both the wallpaper and the fabric were left overs from my work.

I had sanded down and removed the inside fabric, and noticed that there were several holes and cracks in the wood. Nothing a little wood filler couldn’t fix. I do need a lesson on how to properly apply wood filler… because I did not do the best job… but shhhh it’s hidden under the paper, no worries

I decided to use the chest to hold my vinyl records- the small collection that I have.

For applying the inside lining, all I did was cut down the wallpaper to the correct size of the of the two sides. It’s funny, I used the record sleeve as a general size for the paper then used a ruler to measure the rest of the distance. Once I had all my pieces of paper I whipped out my hot glue gun, dripping hot, melted glue on to my wall paper and QUICKLY stuck it to the inside of to box.

Sad to say it instantly hardened which is normal but I was shocked at the speed of hardening. But OH WELL

And there you have it folks! A finished record chest!