Hi everyone!

So it took so much longer than I thought it would, but my kimono is finished!

If you follow our instagram- which you most defiantly should- you saw that I was sewing my kimono this week. In total, it only took me three nights to complete it. But do not let that scare you! I have this thing where I check twice, hold the scissors and repeat these steps until I eventually feel confident enough to make a cut.

The pattern that I used from Pinterest said 30min kimono, that was not me. I took more like three hours. Here is our Pinterest page for it.

So, materials!

Fabric: you are going to want to get a silky type fabric, plenty to choose from at JoAnn’s. Also keep in mind that the type of silk will effect your sewing so, inexperienced sewers may want to choose a less silky silk. Get between 1.5yds-2yds.

Fringe: I love to be extra so, when I found out about fringe, I dove into it. Pick which ever fringe you want, just be mindful of how it will look in the end.


Sewing machine

Thread: choose a color that will blend into the fabric that way the seams are less noticeable.


So, all fabric comes in a standard width, it’s the length that you need to be aware of. My first kimono I followed this pattern from Pinterest . My second kimono was more on the wild side. I did not follow the pattern, I kinda took the necessary information that I needed and ran with it.

This is my first kimono on top of my new one.

So this was a long on. When I bought the fabric it was the end of the bolt, almost 2yds.

Since I am a visual learner, think about cutting a piece of fabric and folding the long side together. There you have the makings of a poncho😆 but seriously, I don’t want to scare anyone from making these, because they are stupid easy to make!

1. Fold fabric in half long ways.

2. Cut fabric down middle ONLY ON THE FRONT LAYER. This will be the opening for the front.

3. Making the sleeves: Cut about 10inches upward and 6inches outward. If you want a longer body and smaller circumference of a sleeve go more than 10inches upward.

This drawing is what you are going for. See the Pinterest pin if you need more help.

4. Pin all raw edges together so that you have your sleeves open and sides closed. Would also recommend folding the raw edges or trimming them so that they don’t fringe, also has a cleaner look. Pin about 1/2inch of material for seam down middle.

5. Sew all together

6. Add trim if desired! I added it to my sleeves and around the base.

Have fun sewing! Would love to see all who tried!