Refreshing Porch Chairs

Last year I found these 2 super cute wicker chairs on a local resale website.  We have not had a front porch for years and I was super excited to find something that was in my budget and not on its last leg.


The pair cost $125 and I probably could have tried to wheel and deal but, I was so excited to find them that I handed over the cash and didn’t look back.  They both needed a paint refresh and cushions.  I found aqua colored cushions at Pier 1 and they fit perfectly–they were also on sale.  %WOzw3jpR0GV1gBxO7HfjA

Fast forward a year later and I was ready to paint them.  After considering changing the color, I chose to leave them brown and just give them a fresh coat.  We are surrounded by trees, our house is green so, for me it just felt like the best choice.

I used the Rustoleum 2X Ultra Coverage spray paint and also a spray trigger.  The paint went on well and didn’t run at all.  I preferred using the trigger since it let the paint out at a little slower speed and it seemed like the I could see the coverage going on better.


First thing we did was set up a few tarps to paint the chairs on.  We have had an abundance of spiders hanging around so, the chairs needed an intense cleaning with the shop vac and we wiped down some of the areas with Clorox Wipes.  None of the paint was chipping; just wearing off which meant no need to sand.  GEGKSQRWQ7+amh4Kmvz8pQ

After cleaning we let everything dry before painting.  We did this project early in the morning so, we didn’t have to battle the heat.  The instructions say to apply the paint moving side to side.  The first coat was applied and the color really looked good.  We let that dry and a few hours later, we applied a light second coat.

I am very pleased with how they turned out.  This was my first time using the spray paint.  My husband or kids usually jump in and do the projects before I get a chance.  fullsizeoutput_3ca9

The Rustoleum 2X works great! I was very pleased to see how well it covered and the chairs now look brand new.


If you need me, I will be on our front porch sipping sweet tea and reading my latest Southern Living.

Have a beautiful day!