Pumpkins are popping up

With the heat index hitting 100+, perhaps some of us are craving fall temperatures.  But are we really ready for fall decor?

As you may know, we bought Carowind passes this year.  Even on the hottest of days, we still enjoy a few hours at the park.  This past week as the boys were riding some thrill seeking roller coaster, I sat on a nice shaded brick wall.  And what do my eyes see?  Pumpkins!  A pickup truck with pumpkins. Gasp! I personally want no part of pumpkins for at least 3 more months–maybe 2.


But wait, it didn’t stop there.  That would be too easy.  Just a blip in the week.  Right?  Lil man and I went to Hobby Lobby and it happened all over again but magnified. Pumpkins, garland, yellow and orange leaves.  It was endless.


Of course, I did see something super cute that made me almost consider buying a piece of fall in the heat of summer–wait! It’s just now officially summer!!


Aren’t these the cutest?  I showed restraint. Yea me!  Because, lets be honest, there was no sale on all this cuteness so, I will wait.

How do you feel about fall popping in so soon?  Or is this too soon?  Sadly, in the midst of  all things fall, I saw rows of Christmas being brought in as well.  Now that my friends is not what I want to see on this beautiful June day.

Hope your day brings you joy!