Sorry Summer Break, No Changes Here

As the last day of public school hit, the excitement roared through the community.  Who wouldn’t be excited about summer break?

IMG_5574Well, for the Chaos family we are continuing to hit the books for numerous reasons.  With a big family, comes many calendar changes and obstacles.  Every year it seems that something major hits and creates a game change for our school calendar.  This year, we had a wedding, a fall beach vacation post wedding and son#3 broke a bone in his foot that required surgery.


These few things wiped out the entire month of October and then some because we rolled right into the holidays.

IMG_5651So, here we are.  I will be honest; it stinks.  As a homeschooling mom, I need a break and time to plan for our next school year.  Lazy days of summer sound amazing, but we need to get caught up.  The boys know what it will take and we have planned some fun in the mix.


What does your summer look like?  Will you be vacationing, traveling to see family, moving to a new place or just keeping it simple and enjoying a schedule free summer?  Our family decided to buy season passes to Carowinds and we have already enjoyed a day at the park.


Hope you have a spectacular day!