My, my, my Spartina

Do you have a bag you love?  I have something to confess.  Please wait for it…..

Kendall and I are card caring purse hoarders.  There I’ve said it.  Because it’s true.  A year  ago for Christmas, I received a Spartina Wallet.  It was orange and brown plaid and just amazing!  So, the day after Christmas, I did what all good shoppers do and went out and hit the sales.  I was able to find a fun Key chain at 40% off in the same Spartina pattern and I was hooked.  Needless to say, I wanted to continue on my shopping journey to see if we could find a purse (on sale of course!). As luck would have it, I found the perfect tote–same pattern and 50% off.  I say perfect because it could hold all things office or things I need for church on Sunday morning.


I used it all last year and then had to have a heart to heart with my Frye Bag and my Spartina bag as we entered into this past fall.  Frye won out for most of the fall and winter season for the purse but, the wallet held strong because of the versatility of the colors they worked seamlessly .


This year, I received a a fun bright blue Spartina tote and beach towel.  Perfect for the beach and I’m going to say it loud and proud that I’m super excited to go to the beach this year.  We didn’t have a beach trip last year–well, we sort of did but child #3 decided to break a bone in his foot 24 hours after arrival so, I don’t really consider it a beach trip.

What I love about Spartina is its durability and selection of colors, patterns and styles.  Buying things you can only use on special occasions is not really something I like to do.  When you are buying an accessory like a purse, wallet, key chain or makeup bag  you want it to be versatile and a quality piece.


Do you have anything Spartina? Next time you’re at a specialty shop, look around.  It’s a great way to stretch and try something new.  I receive so many compliments when I carry my Spartina; I think because it’s not like any other bag.

Have a great weekend!