Restoring A Chest

Hi Everyone!!!

Guess what! I started a new project, no surprise there, but I am super excited about it.

So, while watching our garage sale items sit idly in the drive way my eye caught a black square chest. I watched, with narrow eyes, as several people inspected the chest, opening it up and looking at all of the sides. The chest was noting spectacular not any normal person’s eyes. I mean look


And the inside? Eww.


But my design driven mind went to work. I could not wait to tear off that black layer and uncover what was underneath. I found my new best friends a hammer and a putty knife. lol.


I was not impressed. Whatever this wet cardboard stuff was got everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Should have seen me sanding the chest, the dest covered my legs.
Ahh, the result though was totally worth it.

Then last night I chipped away the black paint off the metal. That decision was one that was accidentally made for me. You know when you plan to make a drastic change and ‘they’ say to experiment in a hidden spot? Yeah, I should have listened to that advice.


But looks good right?

So next is to fill in some holes, stain it this Jacobean color, and then line the inside with a fabric I have yet to choose.