(G)Race to the end

This is an amazing time for our Kendall as she finishes her 4th semester at college.  If you ask her how she is you might get the same text I got earlier this week: I. Want. To. Be. Done.


Yes! I know.  When you are in full throttle, plowing away at this mountain in front of you, sometimes you don’t care about anything other than crossing the finish line.  This goes for all seasons of life and isn’t always related to school.  Although, I know a lot of mom’s and teachers want to be done with the school year!  As school is supposed to be winding down, I always think all the other activities and commitments should be as well.


But this isn’t the case.  The boys (therefore our family) are fully immersed in baseball.  We have makeup days for our PE class, church events, recitals; you get the picture.


With all of these things pulling us in so many directions, I am keeping the phrase we learned at the Becoming conference in the forefront.  Grace on, guilt off.  Let’s just think about that.  Can you let go of a few things at the house so you can completely enjoy these last few dance recitals, baseball games, musicals, birthday parties?



Whatever is showing up on your calendar tomorrow, I encourage you to pause.  Give yourself grace; show others grace.  As hard as it is, don’t let guilt bog you down.  There will always be time to clean, wash clothes, and check off the other items on your to do list.


Be present! Be excited!


The race you’re in right now will come to an end and it will be Amazing when you finish.

Thinking of all of our students as they wrap it up.  Good Luck!