Hints and thoughts for a Yard Sale

Our community yard was last Saturday.  In order to prepare, our family  scoured the house for any and all things yard sale.  Even little man was all in.  So once we gathered all the items we wanted to sell, then what?  How did we begin to prepare for the actual sale?


I haven’t participated in a sale for years.  As a matter of fact I swore off ever doing this again, but it’s different this time. At least that’s what I told myself.  We gathered stuff and a whole lot of it.  We were supposed to have our whole community jumping in with their stuff.  So much stuff that perhaps it was going to be too much stuff.  From what I’ve read on successful selling, you can’t put everything out.  So wait, does that mean we will need to do this all over again next year?


So, lets rewind to last Saturday.  Our week was mostly rain which led us to question whether or not to have our Community Yard Sale or not.  After much discussion, we were a go.  But what did that mean? Well, sadly only 4 families out of 100+ participated.  It was frustrating for us as well as the shoppers.  The folks that came to our yard sale were very verbal about the lack of homes participating.  I felt like we had enough stuff in our sale to count for 4-5 families. Lol. But that didn’t matter.  The sale was an Epic Fail.  There are no other words.  Not one family made $80.  That my friends is pitiful.  And no matter what your price was, the shoppers wanted it for less.


Speaking of price, when you are setting up, make sure you price everything.  Yes, everything.  Because there are going to be buyers super interested in your stuff, but they are not interested in talking to anyone or asking for a price.  So help yourself and price it all.  Once you get it all priced, plan how you will set up your sale.  We had a wide variety and we have a very long driveway.   I can’t say that the space helped us.  Some shoppers commented that they were surprised to see so much because of what they couldn’t  see from the road.


Lastly, remember to advertise.  Craigslist and Facebook will help you more than anything. Take pictures of some of the items your selling as well as a list of some hot items that will attract shoppers.  Signs are your friend too. Lots of signs; bright, fun signs.

Honestly, I can’t say I will do this again.  We went into this with high hopes and left with a couple of dollars.  We were all exhausted from all of the prep and deflated from the lack of shoppers.  Perhaps, you’ve had better luck.  If you have a sale on the horizon, I hope you are more successful than we were.

Have a wonderful day!