Mother’s Day with a little bit of Blueberry Lemon Cake

Mother’s Day  arrived and our family gathered together to celebrate the ladies of our family.  This year we added our dear, sweet daughter in law.

We decided to make it an easy going day and grilled burgers and brats in the 93* heat.  What better way to get a dinner prepared and a facial, right?


For dessert, I tried a new recipe  with some modifications and it was a hit!  Side note: My dream  is that one day I will sell a few select cakes in a little bakery.  I have a handful of recipes that are in the “Recipe Vault” for future dreams.  Of course, the silkie chickens will be giving us fresh eggs by then as well.  We can dream, right?fullsizeoutput_3beb

The cake had just the perfect zip of lemon flavor add in the coveted cream cheese frosting and the dessert was a complete success.  Kendall helped me prepare the cake and as we worked we talked.

fullsizeoutput_3beaHave any of you watched “Nailed It”?  Oh my word!! These poor folks are set up for failure before they even arrive, but they give it a good try and ultimately there is a nice prize to be had.  Anyway, as we talked about baking, I said How can you not know how to bake? It’s so basic.  Well, it is for me. I received my baking degree from Girl Scouts USA a long time ago.  Yes, friends it was all that and then some.  fullsizeoutput_3bed

The cake was loved by all, although I would like to make a few tweaks before making it again.  But in the meantime here’s a slice for you.YHGPVmH4RpWJVigH6DNeHA

I think the blueberries needed to be folded in a little better.  The blueberries were not equally distributed, but no one said anything that’s just my thought.

Have a wonderful day!  We are still in recovery mode from all of this weekends activities.evJlqCIoTwCOmNeYcoN36Q