Becoming Conference 2018

fullsizeoutput_3bbeLast weekend, Kendall and I had the pleasure of attending the Becoming Conference.  It has been a week since I returned home and I am still so excited about all that I came home with.  When I think back to last weekend, I just smile.  It was an amazing group of ladies that led our conference.  I was able to meet 2 of my favorite “in the whole wide world” bloggers.  That in and of itself had me beaming; but to get to hear them speak was icing on the cake.  KariAnne and Vanessa Hunt each have AMAZING blogs which I have read for several years.  I will be honest with you.  I am pushing myself to try new things.  I have been a mom for 23 years; a wife for 27.  After all these years, you forget who you are and what you can do.  You forget how and the need to take care of yourself. So, I was very excited to get away.

Ahhd75sUR4+%kAoLTKzNQAThe weekend was made up of projects, speakers, rest, and more of the same.  Thank you to Jen Schmidt who wrote the book “Just Open the Door” and made the Becoming Conference possible.  Check out her blog Here.

This was a true reminder of us inviting people over even when we don’t feel 100% with our home.  I will write more about this later, but think about your friendships and where you measure on hospitality. fullsizeoutput_3bbd

We took a painting class.  This gave us a jump start on some projects we had on our list and we got to use some new products.  Thank you to Deco Art Paint.  We were able to try out new paints and waxes.

Kendall and I took a Hand Writing class.  Just listening to Maghon Taylor from All She Wrote Notes had us excited about trying something new.

We ate a lot of chocolate.  Thank you M & M’s Mars.


We made Bracelets.  Thank you Fashion and Compassion –you all are Amazing!  Their mission is to teach women how to make jewelry which helps them supplement their income and so much more.%wLnIy8jQgOi4FN0TB5nig

Isn’t that amazing? They have several opportunities to volunteer if you’d like to get involved with Fashion & Compassion.

Have you ever just wanted to decorate a cake with no expectations?  Well, we did that too.  bxK4hfviSr+l02mV7SbRFQ

There was so much packed into this short weekend and we loved every minute of it. We are so thankful for the opportunity to take time together and meet new friends.  I just can’t even begin to pack this all into one post so, I will share more later.

Hope you all have an AMAZING week!