Just another weekend at the Ballpark

Sometimes you feel like you need to pack your sleeping bag and a few basic essentials before the weekend starts because you know it’s nothing but Baseball.  So, I could say that’s a wrap, that was our weekend, nothing else new to report.  But hey, why do that when I can add that our weekend was a couple of beautiful spring days too.


Yes, our baseball weekend started early on Friday.  As we sat on the bleachers watching one of our boys play a 3 hour game we went from sunny and pleasant to cold, windy and downright miserable.

And then a new day emerged and it was wonderful to sit outside and soak up some much needed Vitamin D.  While Mr Chaos was away, we jumped on a room change or more of a challenge.

Here’s where we started.  Bunk beds and just plain old mess.  Why do little boys have so much stuff?  That, my friends is a question and a statement all rolled up together.  Lil man has asked me for several weeks to split the bunks and Saturday morning was our first opportunity. After getting everything apart and then back together, we all thought it looked pretty good. mTnrDRDjT7KzEkZ6lQXTwg

Minus the mess that was created in the hall and his closet of course.  This is the beginning of a room refresh for him and now I need to work on painting, curtains and some wall art.

But first, lets get back to our regularly, scheduled spring and play ball.


Hope you had a great weekend too!