Meals around Baseball

xl2GxlZBQz+606d6lSEIBwSunny days and baseball games sometimes make planning meals a little challenging.  Especially, when the games or practices are right smack in the middle of a meal time.  Do you find that even if you feed these hungry birds that they still come back for more once you get home?fullsizeoutput_3ba9

Because I have a lot of food allergies, I try to keep processed foods to a minimum at our house. Sometimes, though, my days just get too busy and I rely on prepared food.  My kids love Tyson Chicken Nuggets.  Simple, short on time snack is some nuggets and grapes.  They also like to make a wrap with a couple of nuggets on a tortilla with grated cheese, lettuce and ranch.  The wrap is a good healthy snack that they can eat in the car if we are running short on time. Another option is a salad with chicken nuggets on top.

Ftjyr%t3QuOuG2GtaLhDwwA favorite for Li’l man is a quesadilla.  If we have grilled chicken left over, I add that to the tortilla before cooking it. Tortillas are a staple at our house and tend to be eaten more often than bread.

Ng0Wt+bQRQuHrMS9rtZ9lgPepperoni and cheese on crackers work great also.  Throw in a Danimal yogurt and a cutie and they are ready to go. Of course,  there’s always a good ole peanut butter and jelly sandwich or ham and cheese sandwich to get your players through practice or a game.  I like to add some fresh fruit or a fruit cup to any of the above ideas as well.  My boys are not raw vegetable eaters other then an occasional salad.

These ideas can be a meal or a snack before or after a game or practice, but I know that no matter how much they eat before, they are always looking for something to eat when we get home.

I would love to hear your snack ideas.

If you need me, I’ll be at the baseball field!