Being Satisfied

Hi Everyone!

As Spring rolls in, so do catalogs and magazines with amazing, fresh new ideas.  Pinterest is exploding with pictures that may make you feel less than confident about your decorating choices and feel the urge to change everything. Oh, honey, please don’t.

There will always be trends and the latest and greatest.  Just because a company or designer declares a color the color of the year or that brass is back, doesn’t mean you need to run out replace everything in your home.

Shortly, after the holidays, I was reading a list: Ten things that are no longer in style for 2018.  Well, it looks like my decor style has pieces that the Designers have called done.  But, what’s a girl to do when you just purchased this beautiful “Gather” sign and according to this select group of people it’s so ‘yesterday?’

This girl chose to put it on the mantel and look at it and smile each day.

How about you?  Are you content with your home whether or not its current according to others?  I like to decorate by adding and taking away layers.  As seasons change, we add heavier darker fabrics or lighter fabrics.


This spring, I challenged myself to really consider any item before adding it to our home. My rule is I have to love it and Mr. Chaos’ rule is it must have a place before coming into the house.  So between the two of us, it works pretty well.

If you have a room or space you want to bring up to date or repurpose, go with what you love!

Enjoy your space.



-If you like the Gather sign check out Smallwood Home’s website here