Spinach Quiche

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share a super yummy quiche recipe that I used Saturday night.

After being in college for two years now, I have realized how much I miss cooking/baking. So, when ever I go home I always try to make something in the kitchen.

Many yummy things were being made over Easter break. I am sad I didn’t bring more back to school…

I can’t put my finger on why, but I had my heart set on making a spinach quiche. So, Saturday night I sat down to Pinterest and found a good looking recipe.

Check out the recipe Here on our Pinterest page.

I did add a crust to it. And I would also suggest adding more eggs. It turned out to be more spinachy but it’s amazing either way.

Here is how mine turned out.

Doesn’t it just look delicious?! I cut it up and brought it back to school. For some one who is normally eating a granola bar for breakfast this is heaven. Paired with a cup of hot coffee or Earl Grey tea, ah!

Try it out!


Kendall Walker