It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring

North Carolina never ceases to amaze me.  Our family loves this state for all it has to offer.  From the mountains to the beaches we’ve got it covered.  One of my favorite things we have in NC is 4 seasons.  I love every season.  Just when it feels like you are about to get burnout, a new season is upon us.y3WLeqK9QT2HWmLpGzg

Today, was an extraordinary day.  We were able to take the dogs for a walk and get a sneak peak of spring.  Our day lillies are just starting to emerge and the redbuds are beginning to bloom.a+dgqIEoSMe4Thsf0w391g

When Spring hits what do you look forward to? Are you busting a move cleaning out your house and giving everything a fresh look or are you outside planting and pruning or refreshing mulch?3T8zrDv8SICIau7ZUrQS1Q

We planted several things last spring and the beginning of fall and we are looking forward to see the fruits of labor.  The last 4 homes we have owned, we have planted blueberry bushes.  This house was no different.  There are 5 bushes in our yard and I am hoping that all of them made it through the winter.   We also planted Encore Azaleas, elephant ears, and hydrangea to name a few.  The hydrangea is just a bare couple of sticks, the elephant ear is no where to be found and the Azaleas are not much to look at.


Here’s to spring.  I know its just around the corner.  All the beautiful blooms, the birds chirping and the sunnier, warmer days.fullsizeoutput_3a6a

Have a wonderful day!