Hi everyone! The week is almost over, I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by, can you?

Today I want to share a lovely storage piece that a lot of people hove used.
The Ikea Utility cart. The shelves are full of possibility! Crafts? Laundry supplies? I currently use mine for toiletries.



I would like to say that I am a simple person, but then again I am not. I realized after looking at these pictures that I have a lot of things on this cart! But isn’t that a good thing, in the sense that it can hold a lot of stuff? I would say so.

So, here is what I have stored in my cart. Just some food for thought if you are looking to get one as well. I love mine.





So the first tier. This really the only one I use. Yes, the other two have a specific purpose but this is my main one. Tooth brush, makeup, lotion, and hair ties. My daily beauty products.





The second tier is all secondary supplies. So my medicine, nail polish, band aids, extra makeup. This one I do use, but not often, it’s like the supplies that I use on occasion. Like I would paint my nails more but I don’t have the time like I do to put my makeup on.


And the last tier. I never use it. I cannot tell you the last time I used my hair dryer. This holds my laundry stuff and cotton balls. I will say, my only downer is that my laundry detergents do not fit in the bottom tier. This might be fixable because I believe that the shelves are adjustable, but I may be wrong.


I know it is not super pretty, put it serves a great purpose and does an amazing job.
And look how nicely it fits between my wardrobe and desk??? A perfect fit!

Do you have a rolling cart? What do you put in it? How does it serve your purpose?
Let me know in the comments!