Crochet Potato

Hello Everyone!

I have not done as much crocheting/knitting these last couple of weeks, but I am currently working on a red and white gingham blanket, which will hopefully be done before Christmas.  I found the pattern on Pinterest.  (Here is the pattern on our Pinterest)  When I am switching colors, I am leaving a bit of a tail, I plan to add tassels when I finish.
img_5314.jpgBut what I wanted to share today is a past project. NINJA POTATO.   A couple years ago, while visiting my friend Morgan, she doodled a face on a tiny gourd. He was then named Ninja Gourd.
He was taken around the house, being placed in spots both easy and hard to find.  At least one person would have to find him and hide him again before the night was up.  It became a fun game we played all during our visit.  Kinda like capture the flag mixed with hide-n-seek.  Eventually, Ninja gourd had to be disposed of. But! I wanted to continue the tradition and create a new gourd.
I know it seems childish, but when I began my Pinterest search I found a lot of crochet-able vegetables.  A lot.  A good idea for kids pretend food. My potato was not hard to make. I basically crocheted a ball out of brown yarn.  To make the dimples I left a long tail which I then stitched through my ball, tugging it until I got the dimple I wanted.  Then I added two slit eyes and a crooked mouth.

And there you have it.

If you are beginning your career in yarn work, try different little projects.  They help you with your skill and you get to create something fun.