Getting Creative with Storage

Hello, hello!  I am knee deep in baseball and school as well as working on projects at the house.  As we approach our 2 year anniversary in our home, I want to share with you some of the struggles I have had with getting settled.  LR05EMyyS7yJES0IpPO2Rg

Today, I want to share with you how we have handled the lack of any Linen Closet.  It was so disappointing at first and I really thought we would have a fast remedy. But, that was not the case.


So, where do we begin.  First, a girl can dream, right? Cabinets, built-ins, new furniture with storage–they all sound great until you see the price tag. Since none of those met the budget, I went in a different direction.  I brainstormed. I sketched. I dove deep into Pinterest and still nothing.  Until, Kendall started rearranging and eliminating furniture in her room.


She was no longer interested in having her armoire in her room and I didn’t want to get rid of it quite yet. This fabulous piece has really lost appeal to so many people. They are a dime a dozen on Craigslist. They are big, bulky and their biggest flaw is the big open square designed for a TV.  But never fear, Kendall’s armoire had shelves.  Which meant I could use it to store linens.6z5Dv9nKQFGRO28WsI%jng

Before I started filling it with all sorts of things from our previous linen closet, we purged–a lot.  We moved towels to each bathroom and began reviewing what was left. Then the fun began–I get really excited when we can repurpose something to save money.  First, we moved the armoire to a small hallway directly outside of the Laundry room which met the size requirements.aQUpaTa4SlKX2VbMF4s1CQ

Next, I divided up the sets based on size; then gathered up all the pillowcases. I was truly amazed at how little space the sheets and pillowcases took up and realized I would be able to put quilts in there as well.purmYHDERwGgmXSEq6vdNg

Now that all of the basics have a home, I am going to see what I can store in the drawers below.  I may even find some baskets to keep the sets in just to give it a cleaner look.

This temporary solution made us purge unnecessary items and help us realize that what we thought we originally needed is no longer necessary.  This small act reminds me how important it is to take your time and look around your home before hastily buying something that you truly don’t need.  I have no idea how long this armoire will be used as a “linen closet” for us, but today I’m going to check this off the list.

I will keep you posted on where we go with the future Linen Closet.

Hope you have a wonderful day!