The Redesign of My Room

Hi Everyone… It’s been a while. We unintentionally took a spring break from our blog, but we are back!

So, while we were on this break many things happened. One of those things: I FINALLY found decor that I liked and complemented my southern style! It also looks more like a 20 year old’s room then a teen’s room. I am defiantly a child at heart, so it’s hard to let go of those childhood things. But it is also easy at times to let them GO and move on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, like most projects that go down in our home, pictures are taken and thought of After the change has been made. Shocking… I know. So I can’t show you what my room looked like before but let me just say it looks SOOOOOO much better than it was. SOOOOOOOOOO much better.

img_5246Ahhhhhh! Doesn’t it look amazing??? It should, because this break I actually put away everything that I brought home. lol.
What is new you ask? First off, the art above my bed. I was hit, mentally, with this image of two white-washed shutters with something green in the middle. Turns out that Kirklands has just that! For like $70 and that was not in my budget. My hunt continued for a couple more months, waiting for just the right decor/art work to jump out.
As mom and I walked the old smelling aisles of an antique shop, we happened to walk right into a wall full of painted shutters that were not for sale. But buried behind a wooden stool sat those shutters for sale and 10% off. What a deal. The bike painting we found at JOAN Fabrics (check out their spring decor here) they have some really cute spring decor. The ruffled, euro shams are also new and from Home Goods.

I know what you all are thinking, that quilt is quiet bright you know. Yes, I know. Not too long ago I loved the coral color, and I still love it but not at the same level. I would eventually like to change out my bedding for a white duvet cover, but for now I think it works. When summer comes I will change the bright coral quilt out for my teal-blue quilt at school. img_5247Next I needed some balance. On either side of my bed sit white night stands and lamps but above the right is a shelf. The other side needed a heavy piece of art or another shelf. The acting shelf on the left is actually a wooden drawer! On the back are two of the hanging teeth, super easy to hang. I put my three Debbie Macomber books inside the shelf with a couple more accessories above and inside.

img_5248This is not finished yet, still needs a couple more accessories. These two items we found at Home Goods, white wire shelf and bulletin board. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to home inside the shelf. Too many options. From what was left in my room- since I was re-homing almost all of my decorations- this hand painted vase, string art, and a jar of sand made their new home here. It is fine for now, will change soon.

img_5249This Vision Board I am SUPER excited about and also totally mad that I don’t get to use it. Part of me wanted to bring it to school, but I will be home again… This was also a Home Goods find. It honestly is a great place to find pictures and decorations for your home. You may need to hunt a bit before you find what you were looking for, but eventually you’ll find it.

img_5250Finally! my hall way space. In order to get into my bathroom or closet, you walk through this hall way space. This wall was perfect for my dresser. It needs more work but I am still thinking through design options in my head.
I am toying with the idea of making the wall behind my bed and accent wall, maybe a dark grey? Ship lap? Bead board? I don’t know, just a thought.