For the Love of Purses

Hello Everyone, welcome back!

Today, I want to tell you about my favorite purse brand. Dooney and Bourke.
I love-love-love their purses! Collectively, mom and I have 4 purses. Three of them are at home, I’ll show them off later 😉


Look at them! Just look at them! They are super cute! I found myself scrolling through the Dooney and Bourke website the other day, as I procrastinated my homework. There are so many, and I want them all.
But sadly they are not in the college student budget $$$

Why do I love these purses?

  1. They are super cute. Dooney and Bourke has many different types of bags with several types of materials and colors to choose from.
  2. They hold up! Mom’s purse, that I now use and is now stored in my closet, is 20+ years old and looks amazing.
  3. They have a warranty. Dooney and Bourke provide a great product that they believe in which makes the purses worth the price.
  4. Their purses get better with age. As I said above, mom’s purse is old-ish but still looks amazing!

But these purses are not only solid print, no-no-no. D+B DisneyThere are Disney prints.
MLB Indians
Several sports prints.
Zip Zip satchel.jpg

Or colored leather. Plus other fabulous fabrics to choose from.

But with a great quality purse does come with a price, and these purses are not cheap. Though there are plenty of department stores that carry the purses, there you can find a pretty good deal. Also, used Dooney and Bourke bag’s are every where! A classmate of actually found one at Goodwill, and it was in really good condition. So, keep your eyes pealed.

Let me know what you think about these bags! Do you have one? What type?