Learning to eat with EoE

Hello everyone! We are going to take a detour from our home tour to talk about EoE.

Eighteen months ago, I could have kicked out any meal without a second thought.  Today, my life, really I should say our life, has changed so much that meals can be extremely difficult for me to plan.

fullsizeoutput_3a77In October 2016, I found out I was allergic to wheat, nuts, egg whites, dairy, sesame, and soy.  But that wasn’t all of it, I already had several food allergies that included lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. So, what’s a girl to do when you have just been told 75% of the foods you eat are making you sick?  You react and maybe not in a good way.
In the beginning, I created meals just for me.  They were crazy, and I just couldn’t keep going.  Everything had to be made right before I ate.  Talk about time consuming.fullsizeoutput_3a7aAbout 6 months into my diagnosis my doctor was concerned about how much nutrients I was getting because of the loss of so many healthy foods.  I met with a nutritionist and she gave me ideas to try.

Friends, if you are a bread lover like me, fake bread just doesn’t work.  I’ve tried a lot. And cheese–oh please, fake cheese is just bad.  So, my thought was if I have already removed these foods and I don’t like the fake version, I must find something else entirely.

I eat a lot of grilled foods, soups and chili’s in the winter, and rice.  But after months of eating the same thing, you need a change.  So, I have begun a bigger search. Once you start reading every label of every box and package, you realize that soy is in everything–it’s used as a filler. Wheat is in a lot of foods.  Gluten free products use nuts to replace ingredients.  I cried HELP! fullsizeoutput_3a7fMy search has led me to reach back to our past. Back to a time where everything was scratch made, but not necessarily time consuming.  As I look at cookbooks from the past 20-30 years, there are some really great recipes that I can eat!  This is such a relief to be able to plan meals that our whole family can eat.  We will be grilling soon and that will help also.fullsizeoutput_3a83Today, I have a meatloaf baking, Beef and Bean burritos in corn tortillas are being prepared, as well as an Italian Dish that I can use my gluten free noodles with- one on the only gluten free substitutes that tastes good when made right.  Yeah! Success!  3cWCbRgfSX6oiAFKI691PAWhen I crave a sweet, I do have options. I either go for a fruit cup or some times of of these gluten free brownies  Have you ever tried Enjoy Life Foods?  For people like me (and there are a lot of us!), this was a nice surprise. Click here to their website.

Enjoying Life! What a fresh concept. Hope you all have a wonderful day!