Creating with the Cricut Machine


Hi everyone, welcome back!

Do you like to create things or just want to have something a little different than what you might see at the stores?  For several years I have been on the fence with buying a Cricut machine.  I have talked to several people, I read a lot about them, I talked to more people and then decided ok, yes, I want this thing.  So, last year I asked for money for Christmas to put toward a Cricut.  I was beyond surprised when this big box under the tree was not only for me, but held a brand new Cricut.  My first project was simple because there were step by step instructions.

Over the past year, I played with it.  It went full speed ahead when our oldest got married in October.  I can’t tell you how many projects this machine helped us create for the wedding.  Rehearsal dinner decorations and gifts for the wedding party to name a few.


I started with hours of frustration and a friend of mine suggested to just start playing with it.  So, I did.  I am sure I am only tapping the surface with this machine and that soon I will be able to make some amazing things.


I struggled with a fun favor for the Rehearsal dinner and came up with this after hours of brainstorming. The wedding was held outdoors and the Rehearsal dinner and Reception were at the barn.  This was our party favor, super cute right?!

The groom made personalized Yeti cups for everyone of the groomsmen.  He was using the Cricut as much as I was.  Because our two oldest have worked with Photoshop and are in design classes, I think they were able to create and produce what they wanted so much faster than I did.

I like that it cuts things out or prints them.  If you can dream it up, you can probably make it on the Cricut, or find some one online who did a similar project.

I would love to hear your thoughts of the Cricut machine.

Have a wonderful day!