Adding to the Dining Room

Hello there!  We have had a busy week with 2 birthdays and Valentine’s Day in between. How has your week been?

Well, now we can breathe a bit before we change into Spring and Easter decorating.  I am continuing my turtle pace with our dining room.  For whatever reason, when we moved into our new house, I couldn’t bring myself to put a nail in the wall to hang a picture.  I have moved passed that, finally, and am beginning to add a little here and there.  Over the last few days in between school, cooking and errands, I have been playing around with a few of my favorite pictures I purchased at Kirklands last winter.  IMG_3277 Originally, they were hanging in the Family Room above the fireplace and I loved them! Although, I know some visitors probably thought my choice may have been a bit peculiar.  IMG_3436

In the Fall, I ordered two large scale prints from SmallWoods Home, click here to visit their website, you know I love cows, but this new sign was just what I was looking for in the family room.  I absolutely adore the simpleness of their sayings and the frames, I will tell you about those another day.  The cow prints sat for a few months in a closet until this week when the domino effect began.  Kendall came home from school and decided she needed to rearrange her room and eliminate a table.  Middle-bro and I carried the table down to the dining room and the fun began.

Here’s what I started with.


The corner had a couple of small pictures but not much pizazz.  In the picture above, you can see I just set the cow prints on the table we brought in and thought about it for a day.  A great way to see if you will like a picture or not is to lean it on the wall where you want to hang it and let it sit for a few days.  No need to put holes in the walls if you’re not going to like your picture.  I liked them above the table, but I wasn’t sure about that being the first thing you see coming into the space.  The smaller wall looked like another option and I figured it would balance the wall on the other side of the dining room opening.  Here’s where we’re at.

I think they are the fun and whimsy that needed to be thrown into what is normally a very traditional room.  Those cows have a lot of character and the neutral, rustic frame is a favorite of mine.

The other side of the doorway looks like this.

My mom gave me the floral rings she purchased from Grandin Road, click here to visit their website, I brought them out when I pulled the cows out of the closet.  This is just the beginning for Spring decorating for me.

I haven’t done much to the table other than pull a few of my favorite things out and set them on the table.


I’m still trying to figure this space out.  The chairs and squares molding was standard in the space and Mr. Chaos.  We could just leave it and paint the walls a darker color of the greige (a color crossed between beige and grey).  Currently, the walls are Agreeable Grey  and the trim is Shoji White, both from Sherwin Williams.  I think the room can definitely handle a darker color with all the sun that shines in.  The Agreeable Grey is a very soft color that gets darker in the evening, but in the daytime it might as well be white and it is not forgiving for marks on the walls.




I will give you a peek of the fabric I selected for the drapes.


It’s going to be a nice pop of color and I am leaning toward the dark grey for the walls. We will see where we go with all of this.  By the end of the weekend, I may strike it all and start all over.  Wish me luck!