The making of a Guest Room

Hello again!  Today we are talking guest room.  Do you have a dedicated guest room? Does it get much use?  Is a back bed room collecting dust?

This is our first home with a room dedicated for guests, but it also wears a few other hats.  Kendall’s room used to be the guest room because of her full bed.

When we selected this House Plan, our extended family was in different phases of life. We also had our oldest graduating from college soon who might need a bedroom after graduation.  Well, friends, you can plan all you want, but things always change.

img_5015 I wish I had taken a picture of this room before we started working on it because it was a big hot mess of moving leftovers.  Don’t we all have those?  It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been in a house; I never seem to get it all unpacked and properly put up.  Fingers crossed that I break that habit this year.

I had already spent hours online searching for a bed to go into the room.  It was a hard decision because this room is a bedroom, a music room and a semi office for me.  Like I said, this room wears many hats.  I really wanted an iron bed but the one I selected was just a bit too long, and every inch mattered in this room.  As soon as we walked in a local shop, I saw it.  The headboard that would be living in our guest room.  It was the perfect color and size and was going to be ready for pick up in a matter of days. This bed checked all the boxes.

fullsizeoutput_394bThe room is not small, but a bed takes up a whole lot of real estate.  We decided on a headboard without a foot board, to save space.  After that we went to Ikea.

I love Ikea and so do my kids, yes even my boys.  We needed a mattress and they had one that fit the budget.  Because we only got a headboard, we had to find a frame as well. With much consideration, we went with an Ikea box frame.  It is a perfect solution and looks like a box spring.  You can select the feet you want and the color of the material. We purchased a mattress, box frame, and feet and bedding.  I couldn’t have been happier. fullsizeoutput_3949

Now we have the bed and it looks great.  Next is some window coverings.  I will keep you posted on the progress of our guest room.  Thanks for stopping by!