Mom, can I have this?

Hello Friends! We are moving quickly into February and it doesn’t slow down for our family from here.  We have birthdays to celebrate for the next several months and baseball season will be kicking off in just a few weeks.

As we move into Spring, my children begin the “I needs or I wants”. So, I thought I would share with you today how we handle that with our kids. First off, teaching your children to be responsible with their money is sometimes a challenge. We have worked hard to teach our children to manage their money and help them brainstorm different ways they can put dollars in their pocket before they are 16 and able to work for a company if they choose.

Our oldest son began early on pet sitting. This was a great way to not only earn money at a young age, but also to learn to be responsible. Because we homeschool our children, there are always opportunities for walking dogs or checking on pets while the homeowner is at work. Our oldest continued pet sitting until he graduated from high school and added a swim instructor position that allowed him to earn money to help with college costs. (Our oldest’s dog Sammy, and our little puppy Lulu.)


Funny thing is that he hired his sister to help him too.  When we moved, she was old enough to start her own pet sitting and baby sitting business.  This led to many opportunities and was her only source of income up until she left for college.  Now that she is in her sophomore year, we are building a new business.  Beginning a blog is something we have talked about and I was so excited to be able to build something that we could do together and really enjoyed.


As the kids have grown we continue to support their ideas and encourage them to explore all business opportunities that they have an interest in.  Our 3rd child is 15 now, just a little too young to work anywhere, but has a solid interest in dirt bikes.  Because of this interest, he has reached out to a local company that repairs dirt bikes and has asked about doing an apprenticeship.  They have said yes, once the spring hits and their business picks up.  It’s always exciting to see the direction your children go in and their interests they build.  In the mean time, he took to the neighborhood around the holidays and began to build his own pet sitting business.


Earning money is great, but having a goal for the money is even better.  All four of our children have worked hard to save for things that they want.  This is so important because it gives them not only a goal to work for, but they are very conscious of how much things cost and they take good care of their purchases.

IMG_5754Of course this is how we do things at The House of Chaos.  Everyone has their own opinions and own ideas of what is important for their children.  How do you help your children when they want to buy something that’s not in the budget?  We’d love to hear your ideas.