Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to share a project that I did over the summer. I got the creative bug and I just couldn’t shake it. So I went on a hunt to Pinterest for cricut t-shirt patterns. And we all know how that goes…

*thirty minutes of scrolling later*

And we are back to reality. I finished searching and decided on a a design plan. I wanted to make a SIMPLY SOUTHERN/ BEACH VACATION type shirt, a logo on the pocket area and a town name on the back.


I purchased my supplies:
Red glitter iron-on, from JOANN FABRICS
White long sleeve shirt, from HOBBY LOBBY

The process is relatively easy:
-You need to cut the roll to the correct size of your mat, then place on the cutting mat. BUT MAKE SURE THAT YOU PUT THE CLEAR LINER SIDE DOWN. I sadly made this mistake…
-Next, you will cut your Cricut design. Making sure that you mirror your design before cutting it.
–For my big back letters I did not need to do this because mirroring them does nothing, but I did need to do this for the front letters.
-Next cut out your design from the sheet, this will help you when ironing, then peel off all unnecessary parts of, leaving only your design.
–You might want to trim it again so you don’t have extra of the plastic iron on.
-Finally iron your design onto your fabric.

This is how mine turned out.





I think it turned out really cool! A couple of things that were tricky though.

  1. Because of the size I made the letters it was a little difficult to place the letters.
    -I ended up laying down the letters and moving around until they fit right
  2. It took a quite a bit to get the letters to stick.
    -Even with the hot iron, it took some rubbing and several 30second holdings to get it to stick.

This was an easy project that anyone can do. Let me know if you try it out.