Creating Birthday Invites

Hello Friends,

Hope you are all staying warm after another dose of cold temps made their way across our little part of the world.  My youngest is turning 8 next week and with a birthday comes a little bit of celebrating, right? Since Li’l man was born, we have always lived in a community with no one his age; however, with a new house came several buddies to play with.  Buddies, friends, dudes–whatever they want to be called they are on the short list for an awesome birthday celebration.  Li’l man’s first friend party.  Mark this down.


Honestly, ten years ago, I would be winding down the whole birthday party thing, but hey, we need to make up for lost opportunities of the past.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

So today, 9 days before the party, we played around and created with my Cricut.  Do any of you own a Cricut?  I love the idea, but it sometimes is a challenge for me.  I’ve decided that’s because my expectation is the end product is what will happen when I put it together on the machine and hit the Start button.  But that’s not it at all.  It’s a process like everything else in life. It’s cutting, writing, gluing and that’s ok. If anything it helps me slow down.


I’m not good at this creative thing like I once was.  Long ago, I would stay up until 3 am with my best friend and we would create. Oh the things we made. Yes, those were days full of laughter and little ones playing together.  Today, those little ones are all in college or post college. Sorry, back to the Cricut.
We looked around and found some fun images, Li’l man picked the colors he wanted and we built a birthday invitation. They are fun and different–that’s why we have the Cricut–to give us time to create.


The great thing about making your own cards is they are unique. No two are alike. Li’l man pulled the pieces off the mat and laid out the cut images on cardstock. We folded the cardstock in half, glued the pieces to the front and let that dry. While the front was drying, we used the Cricut again and typed up the Party info and printed it on another piece of cardstock. We cut what we printed to fit inside the card and then glued that down.


Yes, this was our afternoon project and yes, it could have been done faster then the time we spent, but this was time we had together and to me that’s the best part.

Happy Birthday Li’l man.