Home Tour: Dining Room

Over the years, the dining room has been banished to the front of the home never to be used except for special occasions. At least for our household. The dining room is usually the room that is kept the cleanest, because it is not used . When we built our home we went back and forth between wanting a dining room. Ultimately we chose to go with it.



Our dining table is a dark wooden fold-able table. The way the table was designed, it has the option of folding the leaves up and in, making the table narrower. It helps to keep the space open since the room is already on the smaller side. We have six farm house style chairs around the table. We experimented with the bench from our kitchen table, but it shrunk our kitchen seating; so we had to moved it back. On the wall is a large horizontal mirror. One cool trick with mirrors is being able to trick the viewer into thinking that the room is actually bigger than it is.





In part of our butler’s pantry we have this beautiful shelf, built as a Christmas present from Mr. Chaos 😉 We dressed the shelves with decorative plates, the middle ones have a cow, pig, and chicken. Chickens and cows are Susan’s favorite farm animals. They are also on the pillow;P


On this back, now empty, wall once held our china cabinet. It has since moved to the family room. It was amazing how much more open the space felt when the cabinet was removed.  For extra texture and color we have the “family funeral plant”, as the kids refer to it, snuggled in the corner and an antique wooden box. In our last home we had the box hung up on the wall and filled with a couple of candles and pictures.


To make the room more cozy, we added a short wing back chair. When family comes and we need more seating this chair is not the best because it is too low, but it surely does add to the room. In the other corner, we currently have a black table with an assortment of candles. This is all a work in progress.

From this angle you get a better look at the rug. From what I can tell, the rug has a  quatrefoil pattern. This was a home goods find from last year.

Soon, when Kendall gets a weekend to come home, we will get to work on a pair of curtains! Which will add more colors and textures to the room.


Susan and Kendall