A day is not what it used to be


A schedule is needed or so they say.  We have a schedule–though it be a little looser than some–its a schedule.  Not too long ago, we had 4 children under our roof; three were school aged. Our days were well planned, from school to chores, to errands and shopping and to Gym and Swim.  We did it.  Homeschooling began when our oldest was in 5th grade and our middle in 2nd.  Our youngest at the time was a toddler.  We did it and I think we did it well.  I even managed to squeeze in a part time job as well.  It worked for us.


Jump forward 12 years and look through the same looking glass and you will see a different kind of day.  The oldest has not only graduated from College, but has also gotten married.  The middle child is now in her sophomore year at a not too far university. And that toddler is now a freshman in high school and there is a caboose –a 2nd grader that runs this family like no other.


So our days are no longer packed with activities for 4 children, but rather 2.  We have 2 very active boys.  They like to get their schooling done and get outside.  They both have a whole lot of love for the outdoors. Whether it be riding dirt bikes, fixing dirt bikes, learning new jumps on their scooters–they are after it.  There are days here and there that take us out for errands, an activity or two; but, no longer the frenzy of activity there once was.  Or maybe its a different kind of frenzy.


I miss those days with all 4 of my children being home.  So now, I always appreciate the brief moments when they all come home.  Whether it be for a meal, a holiday or any other reason–I love it. Those are the days when our loose schedule becomes no schedule and we just take it all in.

Hope your day is beautiful!