The Reason I want to Visit 1400’s Italy

 Are you looking for a story that has a Christian base, a love triangle, and an adventure that will keep you turning the page to find out what happens next? Then say no more!!!

Image result for river of time seriesTitle: Waterfall book 1: River of Time Series
By: Lisa T. Bergren
Released: 2011

Waterfall is only the beginning of an amazing story. Set in 1400’s Italy, the story follows Gabi Beterrini on her journey to find her missing sister, Lia. The two sisters, living in our present time, use a portal, found in an excavated tomb, to travel over 600 years into the past. Through the traveling the sisters get separated and Gabi emerges through the tomb walking right into a medieval sword fight. She is safely taken back to the castle of Marcello Forelli, a ruggedly handsome lord. In order to survive, Gabi creates an identity for herself in order to blend in. Unfortunately, her plan doesn’t work, because of her surpassing beauty and her jaw dropping sword skills. But once Gabi finds where Lia is trapped, Gabi must sneak behind enemy lines to rescue her.

I loved this book so-so much! I wasn’t sure how the whole time travel thing would go but Lisa Bergren did a great job. In order to give a better perspective of life in medieval Italy, Lisa Bergren did plenty of research on the topic which adds great details.

One thing that I liked about the book was that it was Christian based. It has a good, solid foundation, so it is not just about a high school couple in love.

Another thing, I loved how awesome Gabi was at kicking butt. Not only was she able to pick up the 20 pound sword but she was able to swing it around with precision. Also she was gorgeous and had Marcello Forelli fawning and watching over her. Who would not want to be this girl?

Has anyone read this book? What are you reading that is so good you can’t put down?

Would love to hear your feed back!