New Year New Beginning

Welcome to Much Loved Chaos! This is where we document our crazy life one event at a time. No one’s life is perfect or glamorous but ours is fun, exciting, and a little saucy too;)

Today is a new day, a clean start. Where we start those New Years Resolutions (that we will usually drop by or before February 1st). We (Susan-aka mom- and Kendall-aka daughter) have mulled over, chewed through, and banged our heads against the GRAND idea of creating a blog for so long and it has FINALLY happened. Cross your fingers it goes well. We hope you join us on this journey of documenting the ups and downs, our likes and dislikes, and our struggles and celebrations.

Our biggest celebration for this year is starting the New Year, simple as that. The 2017 year was filled with many many bumps in the road. Hurdles and struggles that we wish not to repeat. So, we are holding our heads high, looking to the horizon, and trusting in God that we will have a much better year.



Susan and Kendall